Prior to 1975 my work was purely abstract. During the 1990's, as a direct result of my travels throughout the southwest and a growing interest in geology, my paintings today are based on a landscape format. The horizontal banded strata, anticlines and inclines, broad mesas, steep-sided canyons, fissures and stark serescape badlands of the Colorado Plateau had a profound impact on my work leading me to produce some of my most graphically expressive, intricate work to date. In earlier images, that influence is minimal. Today it is more obvious. The initial layers are drawn directly from landscape elements, with subsequent layers of color, texture and line transforming the work into its final abstract image.

GHOST RANCH BOX, 30 x 48,  acrylic on canvas, 2018 - by Peter Lynn

GHOST RANCH BOX, 30" x 48", acrylic on canvas, 2018

Kayenta  62 x 44,  acrylic on canvas, 1990 - by Peter Lynn

KAYENTA, 44" x 78", acrylic on canvas, 1990

BEHIND THE ROCKS, 19 x 24,  acrylic on paper, 1999 - by Peter Lynn

BEHIND THE ROCKS, 19 x 24", acrylic on paper, 1999

Canyon Wall, 65 x 43,  acrylic on canvas, 1988 - by Peter Lynn

CANYON WALL, 65" x 43", acrylic on canvas, 1988