Santa Fe, NM Artist Peter Lynn - Creative Collage -  Juxtaposition of Artist Portrait, Painting and Photograph  of Betatakin Cliff Dwelling at Navajo National Monument, Monument
I look at my canvas, not as a window drawing one into an intended narrative, but rather a unique composition of layers, texture, color and interplay of light and shadow that allows you to determine your own window of perception and react from an immediate visual impression.

I work exclusively with acrylic paint on canvas and paper. While working on a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Iowa, my work was purely abstract. Over the next 20 years I constantly refined my technique of first applying multiple layers of color and then covering the entire surface with thin, vertical, hand painted lines of varying opacity to create a multidimensional tableau of color, light, shadow and texture.

Cultural and natural values that define sense of place and shared heritage began to influence my work. As a New York City native, living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for over 30 years, I was absorbed by the juxtaposition of the American experience – the characters and epic stories that have shaped America’s past and present. A walk around my neighborhood represented a tour through Eastern Europe, Greece, Little Italy, Chinatown, Puerto Rico and the historic architectural districts of lower Manhattan.

In the late 1970’s, my family relocated to the Caribbean and opened an Art Gallery in Marigot, the capital of French St. Martin. Over a period of 20 years, I created a series of original paintings and Limited Edition Art Prints that incorporated influences of the island’s African, French, British, and Dutch heritage.

I currently live, work and recreate in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city that is renowned for one of the most original, diverse, contemporary art markets in the United States. The move from New York City to Santa Fe, NM in 2012 was the result of a desire to return after extensive travels throughout the southwest United States and summers spent in Taos, NM during the 1990's. My early work during this period features a mosaic of ancient and modern culture, architecture and landscape. My Abstract Paintings today are derived from the richly textured and layered geological landscapes of the southwest.