Visiting and living in such varied places as the Lower East Side of Manhattan (NYC), West Indies and the Southwestern United States, I have always been inspired by the local color, architecture and landscapes. Maintaining my personal style, I began to incorporate these subjects into my paintings. In this world of rapid change. . . before gentrification, renovation and commercial development transforms these places and alters lives forever, I am able to convey my perception of these culturally and geographically defined images on canvas and paper.

17 ESSEX, 36 x 50,  acrylic on canvas, 2009 - by Peter Lynn

17 ESSEX, 30" x 50", acrylic on canvas, 2009

101 SPRING, 64 inches x 42 inches,  acrylic on canvas, 1984 - by Peter Lynn

101 SPRING, 64" x 42", acrylic on canvas, 1984

TAOS PUEBLO, 44 inches x 78 inches,  acrylic on canvas, 1989 - by Peter Lynn

TAOS PUEBLO, 44" x 78", acrylic on canvas, 1989

NEEDLES,  22 1/2 inches x 30 inches,  acrylic on canvas, 1997 - by Peter Lynn

NEEDLES, 22 1/2" x 30", acrylic on canvas, 1997